Open the door to sailing and social activities as well as dry sailing (scow storage) or keel boat dock slips.  Members sail their boats and enjoy the use of our well equipped clubhouse at any time.   For those who enjoy a competitive edge, we have activities for scows and keelboats on a summer schedule.

What’s a scow?  Imagine a windsurfer with interior space.  The wide and flat hull of a scow can skim across the water quickly – very quickly, depending on conditions.  Though these boats are quite stable, you may well get wet!

Keel boats are larger and heavier, and most are meant for comfortable cruising.  Several times a year we race these boats too.  Keelboats are ‘handicapped’ to assure fair competition. The maximum length of a keel boat allowed moorage space for the season is 27 feet.  To get a better idea about members and their boats, see our Photos section.

Boat ownership is not required for membership.  Often, there are sailors looking for crew; this provides the perfect opportunity to learn about the art and science of sailing from an experienced person.


Please take the opportunity to drop by the club when an event is scheduled (see calendar) and talk to a club member about membership and pick up a membership package.  Alternatively, you could contact the club via email or phone using the information on the home page of this website.  We would love to see you!!