Most PLYC communications are delivered to members by e-mail 

  • Newsletters are informal notes about upcoming activity, race results, and other occasional information. 
  • E-blasts are short news bulletins from the Communications Director; check often.

E-mail is the preferred communications method for individual members as it assures timely delivery and minimizes costs.  Members must register a personal e-mail address to receive this communication directly.


For PLYC members who do not have e-mail, and for other interested individuals, you can find updates on this site.




Recent Emails


Spring  2018



Dear Members Sailors & Friends,


Thinking about the warm wind on your face and the sun on your back? 

Ahhh… you may be thinking about sailing on Pigeon Lake!!

I hope you will join with me as we look forward to a season of good sailing, camaraderie, and celebration.  Please mark your calendars for our 40th Anniversary Celebration to take place on Saturday, August 18th.  We are also excited to be hosting the OSA Boom Program again, for sailing lessons July 16-20th So gather up the kids, grandkids or adult family and friends that have always wanted to try sailing.  Information and registration forms are on our website.

 I encourage you to get out and enjoy what seems to be ‘the best-kept secret’ in the Kawarthas; we have a real gem, and are always looking for new and interested members.

Personal involvement at PLYC

PLYC is operated on a non-for- profit, voluntary, independent, self-sustaining community model.  In order for us to be a successful sailing club and work effectively together toward that goal it is requested that all members contribute some of their time and talent.   “Many hands make Light work

The board also continues to have a vacancy, if you are interested in the social position please let me know.

Let us work together and make our founding members proud.  Hats off to them in our 40th year for a wondrous opportunity, “To Foster Sailing on Pigeon Lake



Sailor Girl


         Heidi Lycett